Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and get to know me! 

I'm a family and children's photographer based in Long Island, New York, but am available to travel to Manhattan and near by areas. I've realized life's too short to not do what you love so I teach little kiddos piano as well. My husband and I are avid hikers who love anything adventurous outdoors. We traded mountains for sky scrapers while we lived in New York City for four years, but now try to get out and explore the outdoors wherever we live. 

If you've glanced at my logo you might not be surprised to hear that I love llamas!  Yes llamas are a little funny looking and different, but I like that about them. I usually bring a little stuffed animal one in my camera bag to help the kiddos get a good laugh at my photo sessions. 

My wise parents taught me you are never too old to learn and try new things. I've learned to work hard and play hard. I love feeling independent in the big city. I've come to understand you create stronger relationships when you travel together. I love my big family and their loud crazy selves and consider myself the favorite aunt. 

Besides Central Park and reading on the subway, my favorite thing about New York is the diversity of people. So many different backgrounds, so many different stories. I am constantly learning from others. Through teaching piano and becoming a nanny I spend a lot of time with kids and am reminded to have fun and laugh!

I feel connected to so many forms of art, however photography is the one I always run back to. 

To capture a real, true moment is priceless! We hold onto photographs when the details of life fade from our memory. When our baby with two front teeth is now going to Kindergarten or when our loved ones pass away. We stare at the photograph remembering their smile and their laugh. 

My goal is to capture those smiles, those laughs, those moments. So that when you do look back on them, the memories will flow back to you and bring you happiness. 

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