Little Archie

It's easy to have LOTS of photos of your first child. But sometimes with your second or third child sadly you might not have as many. This mom found the perfect solution to that problem. She decided to do a photo shoot of just her younger son. His older brother was out of the house and the only other one who kept trying to get in the pictures was their English Bulldog Stanley, who at one point rested his head on my knee while I was taking pictures of Archie. 

I couldn't help, but take a few photos of the mom as well because she was one of those great moms who loved showing her little boy the simple joys in life, like singing songs on her lap, exploring the dirt in the house plant, recognizing the noises of the city and letting their dog Stanley sneak in a few kisses. 


Don't you just love how everything is new to a one year old?

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