Three things to keep in mind for your newborn session

Hi! First off if you're reading this, you probably have just had a new little one OR you are expecting one soon. So Congratulations! What an exciting and special time! Seriously that is great news!

Secondly I know you are busy and have A LOT on your mind! 

Maybe this is your first and you have lots of questions and want to make sure everything is just right. Or maybe you've done this before, but now you have other kiddos roaming around (maybe even a lovely and crazy toddler scheming up how to get your attention.) I hear ya! 

The writer in me wants to write out a very in depth blogpost about what to do for your newborn session and include lots of tips, ideas and share what's worked best for parents in the past. But in reality you are busy and you are probably already just skimming through this, which is totally fine. I do that all the time too! 

That's why I'm just listing the top 3 things you'll want to keep in mind for your newborn session! 

1. Turn up the Heat

Okay let me clarify! Make sure your apartment is at a warm enough temperature so your little one is comfortable during the shoot. This really does help! 

Just keep in mind that YOU won't need it that warm so dress accordingly. We don't need you shedding layers! haha


2. Look for the Light

I'll be looking for the best natural light (aka a nice window) in your apartment/home so I might need to move a chair or a few things if needed. 


3. A Few supplies and some milk

If you have a nursing pillow (like a Boppy) and a nice swaddle blanket or two those we'll come in handy. You might have a few different outfit ideas, bow, a special blanket etc which is great, I'm happy to use whatever is special to you. 

If you can feed your baby right before the session then we can make sure they are nice and happy for their pictures. Don't worry if their schedule doesn't quite match up with our photo session, we'll have plenty of time so if you need to feed them half way through the session that's not a problem. 


I always work around the baby's schedule because let's face it they're in charge! 

I love for my newborn sessions to be easy going and a sweet experience. It's a great time to just bond with your baby and enjoy each other. 

Hope this helps! If you read through this, THANK YOU! It's nice knowing others are actually reading my writing. Feel free to contact me or learn more about me. 

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