Podcast Anyone?

Hi there! I've been busy working on a "secret project" that's not so secret anymore. My good friend Kristin Brown and I have been working hard on creating a podcast and we are so excited to now share it with others! 

It's called The Progress Project. It's a personal growth podcast where we have conversations on how to improve little by little, while giving ourselves plenty of grace along the way.

Kristin and I are just two normal best friends who started talking on the phone every Tuesday to catch up. We chit chatted about personal growth, creativity, running our small businesses (we're both photographers) and finding joy in everyday life. We always hung up the phone feeling energized to live life with more purpose.

Then a crazy idea popped into our heads...What if we used a podcast to help ourselves and others live life with more purpose, creativity and joy? What was just a crazy idea a few months ago is now something we are excited to share with others. We've already have wonderful feedback from many listeners and would love for you to join us!! 

We help women not feel so overwhelmed and instead help them find the confidence to create the life they really want to live!

We do this through podcast episodes each Tuesday as well as some incredible online courses & free guides.

How to listen to The Progress Project Podcast

Just type in The Progress Project to wherever you listen to podcasts and start listening! If you have an iphone you can just click HERE. 

We'll have each episode on our website as well as our show notes, which have all the links to our free guides we make for most episodes and whatever else we discussed. 


It's been so fun to work on a project with one of my best friends! The best part is that we are inspiring others who are listening to our podcast and that is definitely the best part!

I'd love for you to check it out. You can also find us on Instagram @jointheprogressproject