My Top 5 Favorite Locations For Family Pictures in NYC.

1. Soho

Photographers of all kinds love shooting in Soho and for good reason. From the cobblestone streets, to plenty of beautiful backdrops they're are great places to photograph around every corner. You might see models and commercials being shot, but why do I love it for family sessions? Because if you go early on a Saturday morning the streets are so quiet! Which means...less people and less cars, making easier to photograph a family with little ones. If you're looking for an urban feel this is the location for you!


2. Central Park

This one might be an obvious choice and for good reason. First off the park is huge, so there are countless different places to photograph. There are some iconic bridges, fountains and walkways if you're going for a classic New York look. However, when I'm working with families I like to stick to the locations that are easy to get to with kiddos. The two south corners of the park (59th and 5th and 59th and central park west) are perfect for the families that live a little downtown. It's a quick cab ride to the park so you don't have to fuss with strollers, subways etc. These two  locations are also perfect because you get some beautiful sky scrapers with the nature of the park. It's also one of the few places in New York where you can lay out a blanket and be surrounded by nature. If you're wanting fall or spring photos, this is a great choice. 


3. Other Public Parks/Buildings near Chelsea -Flat Iron building/Madison Sq Park, Washington Sq park, Chelsea Piers, The Highline etc. 

If you want more of a park feel, but don't want to travel to central park, these are some great alternatives. My clients like these locations because they are easy to get to and give you a nice combination of buildings, taxis and also give your kiddos somewhere safe to run around. Most of these locations have nearby playgrounds that might be a good option for your little ones as well. 


4. City Walls-Murals, brick wall etc.

Finding a great location can make a big impact on your photo session, but it's not everything. Your location can help you achieve the look or style you are going for, but natural lighting also has a big role.  In New York we are use to dealing with little space and sometimes a great backdrop is the same. City walls are great because they can really help my clients pop and be the center of attention in the photo. They can be bright and colorful or very simple. Some of my favorite photos have been against a concrete wall with beautiful sunlight. 


5. Clients Home 

If you are looking for more intimate photos, your home might be the right location for you. It's also the perfect place if you have a newborn or are wanting to shoot in the colder months. You don't need much, but you do need some nice natural light that comes into your apartment. Be mindful of where in your home you get the most natural light and at what time of day. When photographing in my clients home we use anything from a bed, couch to a plain wall. There's also something special and more personal about having photographs done in your home.  


6. Roof Top

Maybe you like the idea of having photos done in your home, but to be honest your apartment is really dark. A rooftop or terrace is a great alternative. This is also a great option if you want to show off your beautiful view or have really little ones that make it harder to go somewhere. It's hard to beat a rooftop with a great view. 


Hope that helps! If you want more info or now know where you what your session, click HERE to contact me and I can help you out!

Want a session that's not in Manhattan? I'm also available for sessions in Long Island. Click on the links to check out some of my favorite sessions in the Hampton's if you're looking more for photos of your family at your summer home or at the beach.