My New York Family

If you've met me within the last 5 years, chances are you know or have heard of the Zieher family. I first met them when my husband and I moved to New York. I was in need of a job and they needed a nanny and that was the beginning.  Little did I know they would become as I like to call them, "My New York Family!" 

I helped raise their two wonderful little boys for four years and they helped me find wonderful nanny friends, piano students to teach, made my photography business a reality, made me a God mother and I got to travel with them on some wonderful trips. So that's enough to become friends for sure, but they then became part of my family.

Many of you know I was diagnosed with Lymphoma a type of blood cancer two years ago. Many of you also generously donated to a fund to help me and my husband pay for our medical bills, which was set up by the Zieher's.  

They continue to be a huge support to my husband and I. We're also very lucky to get to still travel and visit with them (hence these photos from my recent trip to Italy with them). We've gotten to know each other through some really great times and some really awful times. We have plenty of inside jokes about overcooked chicken, lemonade and tuna pizza. They've even got to see my sassy side (which is reserved for a select few)!

Who knew that a simple nanny job would result into a life long friendship with an amazing family! I'm so grateful God put this family into my life and I'm excited to continue our friendship in the future.