Little Timmy

Before I even get my camera out for a photo session, I always ask the parents if they are looking for anything in particular. For this session Tim and Heather said, "We just want you to photograph Little Timmy being Little Timmy!"

I said, "sweet!"

And Little Timmy was off. 


We went to Chelsea Piers, which for the New Yorker's with kiddos is a great place to bring the kids! The outside park is also a great place to let the kiddos watch sailboats, throw pebbles into the Hudson River on the pier and run around on the grass...which for little New Yorkers is the like Heaven!

Timmy's mom was a life saver, when she became my assistant during the photo session and helped little Timmy laugh, smile and have a good time. Because who else can make you smile like your mom can, right? 

Little Timmy surprised me when he ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug ever at the beginning of the shoot, which made my heart melt!

But then he surprised me even more when I let him choose a sticker at the end of our shoot and he was able to read the sticker that said, "happy zoo." Keep in mind he just turned 3 this summer!

At the beginning of the session, his parents told me he could read and I thought, "Well that's cute, he probably knows his letters." But no the three year old can actually read!

Man what a cutie! 

I've been luck enough to photograph this cute boy for three years! If you think he's a cute kid, you have to click here see his newborn photo session we did at Madison Square Park.