Spartan Race

You may or may not have heard of these races. My amazing sister and brother in law have been competing in these intense obstacle races called Spartan Races. This particular one was in Las Vegas and they were generous enough to let me tag along for a quick trip. After a long winter in Montana I couldn't resist a few days of warm weather and time with family. 

I decided to forgo crawling under barbed wire, carrying buckets of rocks and trudging through the mud and instead enjoyed cheering them on and snapping some action shots.  

These guys are so tough and have been through their fair share of trials! The last few years I've been able to watch my sister and brother in-law take hold of their health and work together as a couple to be more fit and healthy. They've worked so hard and continue to amaze me. 

I have to admit after watching the race I was exhausted and sore! Not sure how that's possible since I was just a spectator haha! Maybe photographing in the sun all morning could be a workout of it's own...