What your kids really want for Valentines Day

The best gift you can give your kiddos this Valentine's Day is a quick picture of YOU and your little one together.

Below are three tips that have been tried and tested by me to get a memorable shot with the kiddos I love. 

It might be so cute you'll want to post it to social media or send it to someone, but do me a favor first! Put your phone on do not disturb for 10 minutes and spend some quality time with your little one with NO distractions! Because in this busy world we live in, that's really the best gift you can give them this Valentine's Day!


1. Little kids LOVE seeing themselves as the picture is being taken. When I want to take a picture of me with a child using my phone, I always have more success when we take a selfie.

They usually will make you giggle, which makes for a memorable shot. Don't think too much about it, just make it quick and fun!


2. Capture your child's personality and the relationship you have with them. Whether they are wild and crazy or shy and love to snuggle. Capture how they really are. Even if they are driving you a little crazy right now, you'll want to remember...trust me!


3. It's more about the moment. A sunny window or outside light is ideal, but it doesn't need to be perfect. This isn't a great picture technically, but seeing that little hand on my chest and those snuggles makes me glad I took it. 

If you are STILL hesitant to take a photo of yourself with your little one because maybe you have messy hair today or dark circles under your eyes...Remember, they love you just the way you are!