My absolute favorite thing to do for a newborn session

The older I'm getting the more I'm understanding how beautiful newborn sessions can be. For me personally it's not just about photographing the little one, but my absolute favorite thing to do is to capture those who are impacted BY that new little one. The older siblings, the dad and of course the mother. Everyone in the family has such a unique and special connection with that little one and that is by far my favorite thing to capture!

It was so sweet to see the four year old reading to his brand new baby sister and feeling like a big brother when holding her and chatting to her like she wanted to hear all his stories. The oldest one took on his responsibility as her protector and would lay right next to her with a loving and guarding arm around her. 

The Zieher Family is basically like family to me. I was their nanny in New York City for four years. We've created a special relationship together and now I love visiting them just like I would family. We've been through a lot together and have seen each other go through lots of changes. They were absolutely incredible when I was diagnosed with cancer and they were the first to set up an incredible fund that help my husband and I pay for all our medical expenses.

It was such a treat to meet their new little addition, Sunny. All we needed was a nice window light in their apartment to get the job done. 

I even got a turn to hold little Sunny! 

For a newborn session I always take a little time before or after to hold the little one and kind of get to know them. It's silly saying, "Nice to meet you." But I do it anyways, because it really is nice to meet them and see what a great impact someone so tiny can have on a family. 

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