Taking Family Photos Somewhere That's Special to Your Family

Meet the Scott Family. They got in contact with me for family photos because after living in New York City for a few years they were moving.

Their two little ones had grown up in the city and as most people do they had a love/hate relationship with the city and when you're about to move you somehow forget about all the pains of the subway, the weird smell, garbage everywhere and the humid summers. You ONLY think about all the things you love about the city and all the great times you had there. So that was our goal for the photo shoot.

An easy way to remember the city in a special way is to choose a location that is special to your family.

For the Scott family, it was Bryant Park. They had lots of fond memories meeting up their for lunch since the dad worked nearby and they would always let the kids ride the beautiful little carousel that's there. So that's what we did. We met up there and took some photos around Bryant park and then we ended up at the carousel where they all got to ride it one last time.