A Family and Their Favorite Place

A few months ago this family was looking for a piano teacher and I was looking for another student. It ended up being a great match and I LOVED coming to their home each Monday to teach their little Simone.

Grief Family 2018-1897.jpg

She had just turned five and I don't think I have ever had such a young student that had a real love for the piano! We always had such a fun time during her lessons, pounding out random duets and ending each lesson with a game. I couldn't get over how fast she progressed and learned how to read music. She was the perfect student, but then I got the sad news their family was moving across the country, which meant no more cute duets with Simone. 

They mentioned how much they were going to miss their lovely home and the location (it was RIGHT next to a beautiful beach). They wanted some pictures to remember their special time there and so we ended up having a great session in their home and at the beach across the street. 

Grief Family 2018-2013.jpg

I hope they can look back at these photos and remember all the wonderful memories they had living there. It really is lovely having work that helps me connect with others in such a memorable way. Now I just need to find a new piano student who loves duets as much as Simone...

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