Rybin Family

So it's been a year now since my husband and I moved to Long Island, New York.

Many of you know we lived in Manhattan for four years and that's where I started Laura Farr Photography. Over the years there I learned many of the tricks to photographing in the city that no one tells you about.

I learned how to photograph in a beautiful location without getting lots of people, dogs, squirrels or pigeons in the shot...most of the time.

I learned the different kinds of lighting and shade to deal with when working downtown surrounded by buildings and photographing on rooftops.

I figured out how to work in tiny spaces, when photographing in New York apartments and finding the best light there.

After four years I felt adjusted to photographing basically anywhere in the city. And then we moved to Montana for a year and then Long Island, New York right by the water, which feel so different from the city!


Photographing near the ocean and on the beach is extremely different then photographing in Manhattan!

I had to readjust back to having more space, lots of sunlight with no shade from the buildings and reflecting water. They were all wonderful things and I now love photographing here as well, but I definitely had to readjust to the difference. 

This shoot with the Rybin family is a great example of getting familiar with shooting in Long Island, but I love it!

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